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Hire Me….

Because, I have a lot to say about a lot of things.  And, I could be saying it for you!

There is a lot of experience behind me.  I have put more than 50 years into looking around, reading, communicating and learning about life in general.

My experience, a lot of it anyway, is unique.  I am back in university as a mature student and loving it.  I have raised a daughter who is a university graduate.  I own a web based business – actually two of them.  One is a vintage and antique shop and the other is a bead store.  I work in the fabrication industry in my family’s welding shop.  I have worked in the pulp mills and oil refineries of British Columbia and Alberta as a Journeyman Boilermaker.  I am a condo owner and I do a lot of my own repairs — and I know some of the reno’s that I would not touch, even though I am quite capable of doing them!  Reno’s and repairs are always a challenge and definitely worthwhile!  I have been a member of a strata council and I have recently been asked to be on another council.  New building, new people, new ideas and new experiences!

Looking at the list I have just written it looks like I am pretty busy and I am.  I am busy making deadlines!  Getting jobs done!  And, most importantly, I am busy enjoying my life!

The most wonderful thing about all of this experience is the connections between all of these diverse activities.  Those connections are not just mine, those connections are a part of our lives.  Our backgrounds expose us or protect us from whatever it is that our future interactions may hold.  Depending on our backgrounds each of us sees  things a little differently than the person beside us sees them.  The angle of our vision is always varied by our background and this makes every insight just a little bit different.  It has to be if we are to be individuals.

I think that I am pretty normal, a little outspoken about things I am passionate about and just busy enough that I keep out of trouble, sort of.  And, idle enough that I can enjoy sitting back and taking a look around.

It is all connected.  Everything.  Figuring it out and writing about these connections is giving me a lot of happiness and now I would like my passion for writing to be a larger part of my life.

My writing does not have to be about me.  My writing could be about you or for you!  If you are currently looking for a freelance or ghost writer, you might find me and my writing to be interesting and might possibly be an interesting connection….

Please follow me here, or on LinkedIn.  Or if you would like to, please leave a comment or send me note because, I more than just wanting to connect with you, I want to write for you!