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Small Change… Re-inventing Small Business on a Global Scale

I have an Etsy shop!  It has become a goal to be able to work without schedule, to be able to study, create, get enough sleep, and pay my bills without have to time my morning coffee to the public transit schedule….

With this in mind, I began to go through some articles that I have here.  Some are printed out, some are online, some have a partially finished precis.  They are all interesting and in putting this post together I have read parts of all them although, not all of them have made it here.


Article:  Embroidery as Participation?  Women in the Calakmul Model Forest, Campeche, Mexico.  pdf

Author:  Julia E. Murphy.  Professor of Anthropology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Published in:  2003

Journal:  Canadian Woman Studies, les cahiers de la femme, Vol. 23, No. 1, pages 159-167.

My copy was downloaded in November, 2014.  I found it here

Why this article interested me:  I love embroidery!  I learned to do embroidery from my grandmother.  When my daughter was small, my ability to knit helped to pay the bills.  Small ventures in a cooperative atmosphere can make life easier.



Article:  Village Development Groups:  Model Based on Participation in Achieving Rural Development.  pdf

Authors:  Mahmoud Falsolaiman, Hojat Sadeghi, and Mohammad Hajipur.

Published in:  2014

Journal:  Journal of Geography and Regional Planning, Vol. 7, No. 4, June 2014, pages 78-85.

My copy was downloaded in November, 2014.  I found it here

Why this article interested me:  After finding the article by Julia Murphy, I went looking for more.  One of the keyword groups I used was “micro credit.”  Developing small businesses with very small amounts of venture capital has worked and is working.  I wanted to know more!



Article:  New Venture Teams:  A Review of the Literature and Roadmap for Future Research.  pdf

Authors:  Anthony C. Klotz, Keith M. Hmieleski, Bret H. Bradley, and Lowell W. Busenitz.

Publisher:  Journal of Management, Vol. 40, No. 1.

DOI:  10.1177/0149206313493325

Publication Date:  January 2014.

My copy was downloaded in November, 2014.  I found it here

Find more of Anthony Klotz’s writing here  –  Publications List

Find more of Keith Hmieleski’s writing here  –  Publications List

Find more of Bret Bradley’s writing here  –  Publications List

Find more of Lowell Busenitz’s writing here  –  Publications List

Why this article interested me:  So, starting a business…  Venture capital…  Taking a chance…  Is there still a climate in North America for the small partnership to succeed?  I found this article.  It has a lot about studies, research, benefits.  But, cooperation between individuals was my question.



Article:  Does Studying Economics Inhibit Cooperation?.  pdf

Authors:  Robert H. Frank, Thomas Gilovich and Dennis T. Regan.

Publisher:  American Economic Association, Vol. 7, No. 2, pages 159-171.

Publication Date:  Spring, 1993.

My copy was downloaded in November, 2014.  I found it here

Click to access 00242.pdf

Find more of Robert Frank’s writing here  –  Publications List

Find more of Thomas Gilovich’s writing here  –  Publications List

Find more of Dennis Regan’s writing here  –  Publications List

Why this article?  Because the title caught my attention!  To find out more about the differences between economics majors and non-economics majors and how self-interest might play a role in business decisions, this is a lighter than average and, an interesting read!



Book:  A Handbook of Fist Puppets.  By Bessie Alexander Ficklen:  With eight reproductions from photographs and numerous line drawings by Julie Brown

Published in:  1935.

Publisher:  Frederick A. Stocks Company.  New York.

Library Holdings:  One copy (1963) is available in the reference section at the Toronto Public Library.  Link

There are also many copies of this book for sale, online…

Why this book?  The title of Chapter XIV is “Money-Making with Fist Puppets.”  This book was a $1 find at a library book sale many years ago.  I have enjoyed browsing the pages and it holds a special place on my bookshelf.  Even though I will probably never venture to sell handmade fist puppets or write or stage my own fist puppet play, the author of this book encourages this as a means of creativity and possible income.  There is also a short, annotated, bibliography!



Article:  Willow Smoke and Dogs’ Tails:  Hunter-Gatherer Settlement Systems and Archaeological Site Formation.  pdf

Author:  Lewis R. Binford

Publisher:  American Antiquity, Vol. 45, No. 1, pages 4-20.

Publication Date:  January 1980.

My copy was downloaded in 2014.  I found it here

Click to access Binford%2080%20American%20Antiquity%20Willow%20smoke.pdf

Find more of Lewis Binford’s writing here  –  Publications List

Why this paper?  Lewis Binford’s description of the Nunamiut, “logistically organized.”  Hunter-gatherer’s used their knowledge of the world around them to survive.  They had to know when to move, when to stay, who to trade with.  I love reading about ancient civilizations.  We have discovered a lot about many civilizations, peoples, cultures but, we can only guess at what they knew and how they knew it.

Biology is about survival and there are only two outcomes to business, success and failure.  Life is about much more.  It is about cooperation, successes and failures, personal growth and continuation despite the outcomes.  We need to read!



If any of these links do not work, please contact me and I will try to help you find the article or book that you are looking for.


If you find any broken links on this blog, please leave a comment or send me a note so that it can be repaired.  Thank  you….

Not A Precis, Yet…. Environmental Education, an article by Michael Bonnett

As you scroll down you might notice that the precis is missing….  This is because, well, because it is missing….  I have decided to put my “works in progress” into this blog.

This is also an open invitation for you to write a precis on this article.  Waiting to go into my class today, I spotted a window with a lot of articles taped to it.  A couple of them had interesting abstracts and this article is where it all led.  I have not yet read the entire article but, there will be a precis on it at some point in the near future….



Article:  Environmental Education and the Issue of Nature  pdf

Author: Michael Bonnett (publications list)

[This article was published in the Journal of Curriculum Studies: Vol. 39, No. 6, December, 2007.  I have not been able to locate the published version online.]

My copy was downloaded on November 20, 2014 from


My Precis


My Precis Expanded (a summary of the original article):


I found the original article through a Google Scholar search.  My “Free” copy of this article came from here: