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Working Title: Scholars Before Researchers – Not a Precis, yet…

As you scroll down you might notice that the precis is missing….  This is because, well, because it is missing….  This morning I have decided to put my “works in progress” into this blog.

This is also an open invitation for you to write a precis on this article.  It is a rather interesting article.  The title of this one caught my eye.  A quick scan confirmed and my curiosity was appeased.  This is why this one is here.  A precis will follow — I just don’t know quite when.


Article:  Scholars Before Researchers:  On the Centrality of the Dissertation Literature Review in Research Preparation

Authors: David N. Boote and Penny Belle

Source:  Educational Researcher.  2005, Vol. 34, No.6, pages 3-15

My copy was downloaded on November 18, 2014.


My Precis


My Precis Expanded (a summary of the original article):


I found the original article through a Google Scholar search.  My “Free” copy of this article came from here: