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Article Link: Evolution in Action by Richard E. Lenski, 2011

I am placing the link information for this article here with the thought that easier access to articles such as this will encourage reading and open discussion.  This is also an open invitation for you to write a precis on this article (or, any other article that you find necessary or interesting)….

Older articles such as this one can be used for comparison with the data in newer articles.


Article:  Evolution in Action:  A 50,000-Generation Salute to Charles Darwin.

Authors:  Richard E. Lenski

Journal:  Microbe.  Vol. 6, No. 1, pages 30-33.

Published in:  2011

My copy was downloaded in November, 2014.  I found it here  If the link does not work, please contact me and I will try to help you find a copy.

I think that this is an absolutely fascinating experiment.  The documentation is written in both scientific, you-need-to-know-the-vocabulary style papers as well as reader friendly (this paper!) style.